Payments and Donations

Dues and Donations via credit card go through Paypal, which will extract a 2.5% fee from your payment. If you wish to avoid this fee, simply send us a check by making the check payable to the Falcon Foundation and mailing it to:

  • Falcon Foundation
  • 3116 Academy Drive
  • USAF Academy, CO 80840

Paypal payments are welcome and a convenient option. Please note after entering the dollar amount and the new screen appears, there is a link above the section where you enter your card information which allows you to write a “Special Note to the Falcon Foundation”. If you are donating for a specific scholarship or wish to direct the donation for a specific purpose, please include information there.

If you would like to reach us, please email Sherry Cooper at or call the office at 719-333-4096 as she is happy to assist you.


To improve the acceptance rate of exceptional young men and women desiring to attend the United States Air Force Academy by awarding Falcon Scholarships to attend one of five prep schools throughout the nation.

Historical Success

Capital Need

A $5 million addition to the Falcon Foundation’s scholarship fund. Falcon Scholarships were $1,000 when endowed in the early 1980s. Today, they average $11,364. Additionally, diverse, flying-qualified young people sometimes need to visit USAFA in order to determine if the institution is a good fit for them. We help make that happen, with a 70% application success rate, resulting in prep school offers or direct entries to USAFA.