To improve the acceptance rate of exceptional young men and women desiring to attend the United States Air Force Academy by awarding Falcon Scholarships to attend one of six prep schools throughout the nation.

Historical Success

4% of each entering USAFA class is made up of Falcon Scholars 10+% of Cadet Leadership positions are held by Falcon Scholars Falcon Scholars enjoy an 81% graduation rate, the highest among cadets Two of the five Academy graduates who have become Chief of Staff, USAF, are Falcon Scholars

Capital Need

A $5 million addition to the Falcon Foundation’s scholarship fund. Falcon Scholarships were $1,000 when endowed in the early 1980s. Today, they average $11,364. Additionally, diverse, flying-qualified young people sometimes need to visit USAFA in order to determine if the institution is a good fit for them. We help make that happen, with a 70% application success rate, resulting in prep school offers or direct entries to USAFA.