Falcon Foundation Organization

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as of Febuary 16, 2024

Chairman Bill Begert
Vice Chairman Robin Rand
President Steve Lorenz
Vice President Matt Byrd
Vice President and General Counsel Jarisse Sanborn
Treasurer Dale Meyerrose
Secretary Rita Jordan


Voting Officers
Chairman Bill Begert
Vice Chairman Robin Rand
President Steve Lorenz
Vice President Matt Byrd
Standing Committees Chairs
Audit Committee Nick Wilson
Compensation Committee John (JD) Dallager
Finance Committee JT Herman
Governance and Strategy Howie Chandler
Investment Committee Eric Holt
Nominating Committee Leon Johnson
Scholarship Committee Carolyn Benyshek
At Large Governing Trustees 3 Year Term, 2 Term Limit
Member William Looney
Member Kate Maclntosh
Member Michael Moeller
Member Janet Wolfenbarger


Audit Committee
Chair Nick Wilson
Member James Colvin
Member James Holley
Member Terry O’Donnell
Member Linda Urrutia-Varhall
Independent Member Glenn Strebe
Independent Member Vacant

Compensation Committee
Chair John (JD) Dallager
Member Brett Clark-Bolt
Member Gene Lupia
Member Rich McGill

Finance Committee
Chair JT Herman
Member Vic Andrews
Member Larry Fortner
Member Dale Meyerrose

Governance and Strategy Committee
Chairman Howie Chandler
Member Andrea Andersen
Member Richard Barr
Member Dana Born
Member Jack Catton
Member John Corley
Member Kevin Chilton
Member Burt Field
Member Terry Gabreski
Member Chuck Johnson
Member Stephen Lorenz
Member Ed Rice
Member Tony Robertson
Member Dave Roe
Member Dan Twomey
Member Barbara Westgate

Investment Committee
Chair Eric Holt
Member Kathy Barchick
Member Bill Jennings
Member Jim McComsey
Member Dale Meyerrose
Member Rob Mishev

Nominating Committee
Chair Leon Johnson
Member JB Bonapart
Member Susan Desjardins
Member Brett Dula
Member Chuck Heflebower
Member Mary Hittmeier
Member T.C. Jones
Member Tom Keck
Member Sue Ross
Member Randy Spetman

Scholarship Committee
Chair Carolyn Benyshek
Member Julie Chesley
Member Gretchen Cook
Member John Hopper
Member Jay Kelley
Member Tad Oelstrom
Member Nathan Rosenberg
Member Daniel Twomey