The Falcon Foundation acquires funds necessary to implement the scholarship program from public donations and a scholarship endowment. The number of scholarships awarded annually is set by the USAFA Admissions Office and is up to 100. Contributions and donations to the Foundation are tax deductible to the donor and tax exempt to the Foundation. Each scholarship is dedicated in honor of a pioneer in aviation or an individual who is distinguished in aviation or defense.


The Falcon Foundation makes annual cash grants for scholarships to several schools in various parts of the nation. Each scholarship award provides a portion of the cost of room, board and tuition. Scholarship recipients must pay for transportation to and from school and for clothing, laundry, other personal expenses and their proportionate share of the tuition, fees and books.


Young people are automatically eligible for a Falcon Scholarship by first applying to USAFA. The USAFA Office of Admissions then identifies potential recipients of the Falcon Foundation scholarship from a pool of direct entry applicants who are qualified, but not competitive for entering the next class at USAFA. Those applicants who are deemed qualified but not competitive are rank ordered and contacted for consideration of a Falcon Foundation Scholarship.

Director of Admissions (Procedures)
2304 Cadet Drive, Suite 2300
USAF Academy, Colorado 80840-5025

The Falcon Foundation (Information Only)
3116 Academy Drive, Suite 200
USAF Academy, CO 80840-4400
(719)333-4096 Fax: (719)333-3669


Falcon Scholars identified by the Admissions Office as having the potential to be successful at USAFA following successful completion of their preparatory program and attainment of admissions guidelines will be considered for appointment. Barring unusual circumstances, the Air Force Academy is committed to appointing Falcon Scholars who:

  1. Successfully complete their preparatory program
  2. Continue to meet the admissions guidelines
  3. Obtain a nomination valid for the year of entry into USAFA

Falcon Scholars will be required to follow standard admissions procedures for all Academy candidates during their preparatory year to include obtaining a new nomination for the year of entry to USAFA.

Falcon Foundation Scholarships are in Honor of the Following

Mr. Jasper D. Ackerman
Edward C. Aldridge, Jr.
Maj Gen John R. Alison
General James R. Allen
Maj Gen F.L. Anderson
Lt Gen Frank M. Andrews
General Henry H. Arnold
Daniel R. Bannister
Lt Gen Benjamin N. Bellis
General Mark E. Bradley
Lt Gen James Elbert Briggs
General George S. Brown
Harold Brown
Cadet Leadership
Lt Gen Claire L. Chennault
General B.W. Chidlaw
Chief of Staff of the Air Force
Jacqueline Cochran
Commander ACC
Lt Gen Laurence C. Craigie
Lt Gen B.O. Davis
Lamana Kelly Dixon and General Robert J. Dixon
General J.H. Doolittle
Gen Russell E. Dougherty
James H. Douglas
Mrs. Ruth Apperson Eaker
General Ira C. Eaker
Amelia Earhart
Maj Gen Oliver P. Echols
Captain Carlos A. Estrada
Maj Gen Muir S. Fairchild
Thomas K. Finletter
Maj Gen B.D. Foulois
Col Francis S. Gabreski
Gen Charles A. Gabriel
Col James David Garcia
Barry M. Goldwater
Mr. Leroy R. Grumman
Lt Col James T. Hargrove
Gen James V. Hartinger
Mr. H. Leslie Hoffman
Gen Bruce K. Holloway
General Bruce K. Holloway
Mr. Bob Hope
Lt Charles Eric Jenkins
Mr. Clarence L. Johnson
General David C. Jones
Captain Colin P. Kelly, Jr.
C3C Chaney King
Maj Gen Hugh J. Knerr
Maj Gen Robert B. Landry
General Robert M. Lee
General Curtis E. LeMay
Lt Edward A. Levell, III
Mr. Charles A. Lindbergh
Lt Col Gerald R. Linn
Brig Gen W.R. Lovelace
Maj Gen William Lyon
Hans M. Mark
Glenn L. Martin
Brig Gen Edward O. Martin
Brig Gen Robert F. McDermott
Mr. James S. McDonnell
John L. McLucas
General John C. Meyer
General T. R. Milton
Lt Gen Thomas S. Moorman
Mr. Gerhard Neumann
General Lauris Norstad
Gen Emmett O’Donnell, Jr.
Verne Orr
Captain Craig Paul
Gen Samuel C. Phillips
Lt Gen Oliver S. Picher
Donald A. Quarles
Thomas C. Reed
Donald B. Rice
Capt Eddie Rickenbacker
Maj Gen Gwynn H. Robinson
General John D. Ryan
Gen Bernard A. Schriever
Robert C. Seamans
Maj Gen Wendell B. Sell
Dudley C. Sharp
Dr. Igor I. Sikorsky
Maj Gen Robert J. Smith
Mrs. Carl A. Spaatz
General Carl A. Spaatz
John C. Stetson
Mr. H. Chase Stone
Harold C. Stuart
Stuart Symington
Harold E. Talbott
Col Charles B. Thornton
General Nathan F. Twining
Gen Hoyt S. Vandenberg
Lt Col Dorothy L. Welker
General Thomas D. White
Sheila E. Widnall
Mr. T.A. Wilson
Carlos Uvalta Womack, Jr.
Brig Gen C.E. Yeager
Brig Gen Roger L. Zeller
Eugene M. Zuckert